About Us

Hello, and welcome to “Daily Dose of Serenity” (the home of relaxation, love, peace, and calmness), the world’s most beautiful calming music wonderland!
We launched our channel with a simple goal in mind: to provide a peaceful and placid environment where you may relax and discover inner peace on a daily basis, and to assist you in relaxing your mind and body as well as finding peace and calm in your everyday life.
Modern life is busier than it has ever been. Many of us are stressed and trapped at home, and tend to feel anxious and fidgety during times of crisis such as the current global pandemic and this crisis can presents an unexampled challenge to public mental health . It’s easy to get caught up in the existential angst of it all, and relaxing music (which has science backed, stress busting benefits) can helps us To overcome and  understand  the overwhelming stress.
Let me ask you a question:
Do you take time to relax your mind and body and experience inner peace in your ordinary routine?
We’ve come up with a solution!
All you need is “a mere 10 minutes and our channel” on any given day.
This is a place where you can calm. We just attempt to clear your mind, relieve stress, and provide time and mind space for silence, peace, love, not thinking about almost anything, a sight of your true self, and “true serenity” via our channel.
Simply set out 10 minutes, sit motionless while observing your breath, and enjoy our relaxing videos.
That’s it!
If you think you don’t have 10 minutes, you are living an extremely stressful life and should include more “timeouts” into your everyday routine.
The 10-minute break in your daily life will payout in the form of increased awareness the hour afterward. It would be like taking a nap without really sleeping.
You will experience at least 10 minutes of peace, love, and serenity after the track is finished.
Our purpose and passion are to make you relax, unwind, and rejuvenate via quality sleep, less stress, enhanced focus, and improved mental wellness, and music may contribute.
Relaxing music is a global language that helps individuals comprehend the environment around them, as well as the people in their near vicinity, and it’s a terrific method to understand our inner peace.
“Daily Dose of Serenity” is an internet channel dedicated to providing you with a variety of peaceful music. Our primary goals are to connect your body and mind via music, to create calm and serene music for the mind and heart that has the potential to inspire, heal, help focus, and think better. “Daily Dose of Serenity” has been providing you with the most soothing and therapeutic music to improve the quality of your everyday activities.
All of the music on this channel was composed entirely by our team. Relaxing music with binaural beats and state-enhancing frequencies is created by our own world-class composers to help you relax, focus, meditate, and heal. We combine music with imagery from some of the world’s greatest locations and  to ensure that you are completely relaxed while watching them. They will assist you in reducing stress, eliminating bad emotions such as anxiety, and boosting your positive energy.
These pieces of music are excellent for relaxation, meditation, yoga, studying, reading, stress alleviation, and working, and so on.
We will do our best to maintain this comfortable and pleasant environment, and we pledge to provide the most valuable music, positive mood, and brightest feelings, as well as we will introduce you our best value.
I welcome you to send us your suggestions through email.
I hope this channel will positively help you.
Blessings and peace all the way

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